Lydney – sharing memories event

Two Rivers Housing and Barnwood Trust held its first memories event, reminiscing about Lydney; the changes and developments that have taken place over the years. The event was facilitated by Mr Roger Dury, a renowned local artist and story-teller and held at the Watermeads Scheme lounge in Lydney.

People from the local community gathered to share old photos, books and their stories. The revelations that came from the event were truly amazing – who’d have thought Lydney was a producer of rubber products, best known for the Marigold glove! Other highlights included an event whereby a lorry carrying cordial bottles ended up in Lydney Harbour. The locals made the most of the opportunity to dive in and collect the bottles, only to then sell them to the local pub!

The next event will be held on 20th April, from 10am-12noon. These are great sessions for all the community. Many new and old friendships are forged.

There is so much change coming to Lydney, with the bridge being opened and a lot of new homes being built, it is important to also preserve the past and to appreciate the industrial heritage that Lydney holds.

Penny Mail, from the Community Engagement team, attended the event and commented. “It was really wonderful to listen to the stories that were shared and to laugh together over some of the tales. I am very much looking forward to the next event and excited to see how this develops in the future. We might even make a book!”