Moving on

One day you might want to move out of your Two Rivers home and, if you do, we wish you the very best.

But before you go, there are a few practical things we need to sort out.

  • You need to give four weeks’ notice – in writing – of your decision to leave. This four week period must end on a Sunday. (If you are ending a tenancy due to a bereavement, please read this leaflet for further information.) Please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Advisor for further information.
  • You need to provide us with:
    • a forwarding address and contact number.
    • the names of your gas, electricity and water suppliers.
  • We will inspect your home to see if you need to complete any work before you leave. We will tell you what needs to be done and, if the work is not done or completed to a satisfactory standard, we will recharge you for any work we need to do on your behalf.
  • We may want to show future tenants around before you leave. If so, we will always agree the day and time with you, and viewings will always be accompanied.
  • You must remove all belongings and rubbish from your home and garden before you leave. If the property is clean and clear of rubbish we will give you £75. Equally, we will charge you for any items you leave behind that we then need to remove.
  • You must return the keys to us before midday on the Monday following the end of your notice period. If not, we will continue to charge you rent until the keys are returned.