We respond to almost 15,000 repair call-outs every year, and nearly 2,500 of these are classed as emergencies.

Our repairs team is, therefore, extremely busy, and repair requests must be prioritised to make sure we deal with the most urgent ones first. The Tenant handbook, which can be found in the ‘Library’, gives you more information about:

  • Repair priorities and timescales.
  • Which repairs you are responsible for.
  • What is classed as a rechargeable repair.
  • Asking permission to make your own home alterations (eg installing a water meter, putting up a satellite dish or laying a parking space in your garden).

As a tenant, you are responsible for some small home repairs yourself and you will find these in the ‘Self help‘ section, along with some useful tips and advice on how to do them.

If you need to report a routine or urgent repair for us to deal with, you can do this by phone, online or in person. If you are registered with ‘My account‘ you can also book the appointment at the same time.

If you think the repair is an emergency, please call 0800 316 0897 immediately. The phones are staffed 24/7.

Please remember to contact us as soon as possible if you need to rearrange or cancel an appointment with our repairs team, so that we can use the time to help someone else. (If you are registered with ‘My account‘ you can do this online, any time of the day or night.)

You can also view details of recent repairs and forthcoming appointments registered to your home by logging into the ‘Repairs‘ section of ‘My account‘.