Dealing with damp and mould

We understand that finding damp and mould in your home can be distressing and will work with you to identify the cause and eliminate the issue. Dealing with damp and mould can be tricky and it is often a process of elimination to identify and deal with the root cause of the issue.

We understand that no one would choose to live in a home that has damp and mould, and we will work with you to find a solution to manage or eliminate these issues. We know that damp and mould is sometimes caused by the way our properties behave and are committed to:

  • Working with tenants to ensure that cases of damp and mould are investigated, and where necessary, work is undertaken to eliminate damp and mould and make improvements to the property to reduce the risk of it coming back.
  • Supporting and advising tenants to help them use their homes in a way that minimises the potential for damp and mould to occur.
  • Ensuring that appropriate advice and guidance is available for all tenants and that reporting damp and mould is easy.
  • Working jointly with tenants to eradicate damp and mould.

We will be open and explain to tenants what we think is causing the damp and mould, acting as quickly as we can to undertake repairs and improvements that will prevent it from reappearing.

We will support tenants and help them manage conditions which may be contributing to the damp and mould issues in their home without judgement or discrimination. We want everyone to have a warm, safe, affordable home and are committed to working with tenants to achieve this.

The earlier damp and mould issues are identified, the easier it is to treat and prevent.

If you spot damp and mould in your home, please report it to our team immediately.

You can do this by email, over the phone, in person or by completing the form on our website.