Struggling to pay?


We understand the difficulties of getting by on a limited budget and there may be times when you can’t pay all of your bills. We want to help you and would much prefer you to contact us as soon as possible when problems begin.

If you fall into arrears, you should try to pay what you owe in one payment if you can. If this isn’t possible, you should contact our Income Collection team on 0800 316 0897 or by email at the earliest opportunity.

The sooner we know there’s a problem, the sooner we can agree a repayment plan you can afford.

We can also refer you to our experienced Welfare, Benefit and Debt Advisors who will help you manage your debts and make sure you are getting your full benefit entitlements.

If you don’t pay your rent

If you don’t tell us you have a problem paying your rent, or you don’t keep to an agreement to pay off the debt, we may take you to court to recover the arrears.

If you remain unable to pay, ultimately, you could lose your Two Rivers home and this will jeopardise your chances of getting credit and finding somewhere else to live. You will also be liable for court costs.

For further information and advice you will find our Tenant handbook and Problems paying your rent leaflet in the “˜Library‘.