Apply for a garage

Garage (Garlands Rd, Alvington)

We have a number of garages and parking spaces available to rent across the area, and you don’t have to be a Two Rivers Housing tenant to apply. However, priority will be given to our housing tenants, and non-tenants will have to pay VAT.

If you would like to rent a garage or parking space from us you need to complete an application form. If there are none available in the area, you will go onto a waiting list.

When you receive an offer of a garage or parking space you must:

  • Have a clear rent account for any house or garage you rent from Two Rivers Housing.
  • Be ready to pay two weeks’ rent in advance.

Rental charges are as follows:

  • Garage – £16.24 for tenants and £21.84 for non-tenants – per fortnight.
  • Parking space with bollards – £38.74 for tenants and £46.49 for non-tenants – per quarter.
  • Parking space without bollards – £26.00 for tenants and £31.20 for non-tenants – per year.

If you would like a garage or parking space, just complete and return the application form.

For more information or assistance, please contact our Neighbourhood Housing team.