Consultation - feedback

The footpath stretching along the front of 13 to 36 Parkend Road, Bream needed repair. This path was unadopted, which means responsibility – and costs – for this work must be shared between all the owners of the properties. We own three of these homes, while the remaining 17 are privately owned.

The path was surveyed and three options proposed for carrying out the necessary work. We recommended Option 2 and invited comments from the people affected and who will have to contribute towards the costs.

We appointed a company to run the tender process, based on Option 2, and this is the Schedule of Works companies tendered against. Based on those tenders received, we negotiated with Talus Construction to take on the work.

Planning consent was given by Forest of Dean District Council following appeal. This link takes you directly to the relevant page on the council’s website, and here is the inspector’s decision. Work took place in June and July 2018.

The three options, along with supporting plans and background information, can be seen in ‘Downloads and links’. The full legal judgement from the 2011 grass cutting case is also provided for information.